Live animals shipments request absolute individual approach. Knowing, how priceless is such transported passenger, we do put all possible effort and full engagement to make the animal transportation non-stressfull and to make it swift.

We speciaise in pet shipments. The routing is chosen individually to make it the shortest. Being aware how legal regulations can be tricky, changable and complicated (especially regarding some countries and air lines), every shipment and formal activities must be finished untill the animal is physically shipped. Having on attention the safety, we provide 24/7 emergency contact.

Additionally, we offer to our customers, proffessional and special kennels fulfilling requirements as well of airlines, IATA as actual LAR (Live Animal Regulations) requirements.

Knowing how pets can behave and observing from own experience the nessecity of dog or cat preparation for kennel transportation, we provide also behaviouristic support. We posses multi-year experiance in behaviour advisory, which is certified by COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology). That makes as privillage to advance preparation to transport of kennel, animal and its owner.



We provide additional services as custom clearance, warehousing, cargo inspections, Intrastat declarations.



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