In situations, where time matters, aifreight is being used. We are aware that while using this mean of transport almost every single hour counts. As a consequence we arrange air shipments as well via Polish as other main European airports, where we provide full service of handling and clearance. We fully understand how crutial is the cost of transport. That is why we prepare individual tracking and schedule using not only the biggest airports but also smaller ones such as Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, etc.

We arrange general cargo and extraordinary shipments, such as dangerous goods (DGR), perishabe goods (PER) or being our crème de la crème – live animals (AVI).

When the shipment requires special handling such as repacking, labelling or fumigations, we are able to support with such service as well in Poland as in European Union.


We provide additional services as custom clearance, warehousing, cargo inspections, Intrastat declarations.



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