In current business, the problem lays not in the production stage but in selling it. Moreover, many producers have problems with reaching international sell markets. From the other hand, very often, the resource or semi-product has very high quality requirements leaving the price at reasonable level. Approaching those problems, we created special offer using our global range. We search for new trades where customers could sell their goods and we negotiate on their behalf, the conditions of cooperation to new partners. To make production processes upgraded and optimalised, we keep searching accessibility of resources. We also help in gaining overdue international debts.

To provide high quality of our services, upon special requests, we arrange cargo inspections concentrating on their characteristics and transportation preparation checking. Standard procedur is that every contractor is being verified financially and analitacaly very carefully. Our aim and mission is to provide safe business.

We already were entrusted by many players, mainly from food industry but also from paper and automotive industry. Due to Polish specific production, there is very strong activity of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables manufacturers.

We deeply think that our success is fully dependable upon our customers’ success. As a consequence we do our best to help their development.


We provide additional services as custom clearance, warehousing, cargo inspections, Intrastat declarations.



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