Having multi-year experience in activity of customs clerk and possesing adequate licences, we feel very confident while dealing with customs legal statements. For importers and exporterts they may be a nigthmare – for us this is daily base routine. We know how problematic and coplicated they can be. And we put all efforts to make the clearance more acceptable. Helping the customers, we use many tools such as simplified procedure, usage of postponed VAT payment (art. 33a VAT act), fiscal clearance. For every single time, we analyse which solution shall be the most optimal option for mentioned shipment, cargo or Customer.
We don’t only concentrate on clerance (final, transit, TIR carnets, ATA) but we provide advisory and scholarship how to survive in enigmatic world of acts and in threat of penalties.
We are familiar with new European Union legal regulations basing on Unitary Customs Code and other acts. We are not afraid of new unitary customs aspects arisen on 1st May 2016 and moreover it creates for us the challenge of gather cooperation to enterprises to fulfill all requirements.
Enterprises having many intra European Union operations, there is an obligation to provide Intrastat documentation. We are aware how boring and complicated such activity can be, we do help in that field taking from those enterprises mentioned responsibility. Thanks to that, customers may concentrate on their activity development and on earning money.
We are looking forward for your inquiries and we are opened for cooperation!



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